Transforming Sleep Health

Building a bridge between wellness and clinical sleep solutions using AI-based sleep training plans for organizations and their members.

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How much does poor sleep cost your organization?

The annual cost of sleep deprivation in the US (GDP terms) is $400B. With the dayzz calculator you can estimate how much you could save if all of your employees would simply sleep better.

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Comprehensive solution

From wellness to clinical pathways

Sleep Apnea care pathway  
Pending FDA clearance
CPAP adherence
Delayed sleep
phase syndrome
Shift workers
Sleep deprivation
Sleep maintenance
& improvement

Members get a

Data driven sleep app

Sleep Plan

Personalized sleep training plan adjusted to the user needs

Wearable connectivity

Integrates with FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Oura, and more

Human Sleep Trainers

Qualified human support and guidance

Online sleep clinic

Referral for detection and treatment of Sleep Apnea

Organizations get

End-to-End sleep care

Deployment Plan

Customized to the  organization's needs

Sleep Hub

Single access point for multiple
sleep conditions

Periodic Reports

Organizational analytics & insights

The scientific foundation

Ongoing clinical trial in collaboration with researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School to examine the effectiveness of the dayzz solution in a large community-based population.

Developed and validated a Digital Sleep Questionnaire (DSQ) to identify common sleep disturbances, based on Machine Learning algorithms trained and validated with high sensitivity and good accuracy. Read the paper.

Clinical trial at the Carmel Medical Center Sleep Disorders Clinic. Results indicate that using the dayzz app is associated with an increase of nightly CPAP use by an average of 30 minutes per night.

Utilizing the dayzz application may increase people's awareness and understanding of sleep disorders,
and substantially help them in solving their problems and improve their quality and quantity of sleep.

Why sleep?

Physical & mental health

Inadequate sleep is an underlying issue for many chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart attack & stroke, weight gain & obesity, and mental disorders.

Productivity & satisfaction

Improved decision making skills, consistent job performance, and burnout prevention

The economic gain

Sleep Deprivation US annual cost (GDP terms) is $400B. Insomnia US annual cost is $100B and unmanaged Sleep Apnea cost is over $150B.


Sleepy workers are 70 percent more likely to be involved in accidents than their well rested co-workers.

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