COVID-19’s effect on sleep – not what you imagined

COVID-19’s effect on sleep – not what you imagined

COVID-19 has changed dramatically our daily routine - whether it’s working or staying at home more than usual, having to adhere to social isolation guidelines, paying extra attention to hygiene and more.

A surprising opportunity

The changes brought about by COVID-19, have created a unique social opportunity to examine our sleep in a different setting, neutralizing many of our day to day competing demands.

How is this new reality affecting our sleep?

Stress and uncertainty are known triggers for sleep difficulties. On the other hand, the pandemic has created a new situation where many are able to get a full night’s sleep on a regular basis. No more commute time and daily chores such as preparing kids for school invading our nighttime and stealing precious sleeping time.  

dayzz analyzed over 15,000 nights to examine the pandemic sleep connection:  

What does the data tell us?

When we get the opportunity to sleep properly, we get more hours of sleep and the overall quality of our sleep is higher. The physiological need for sleep may vary with age, but it never disappears. Since our daily routine is typically demanding, most of us are constantly sleep deprived, and therefore, not fulfilling our true sleep needs.

What’s the lesson?

When slowly but surely things go back to normal, don’t simply slip back to your old habits. Keep in mind how it felt getting adequate, refreshing sleep and start giving your sleep the attention it deserves - because you deserve it!

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