How Amanda improved her CPAP adjustment with dayzz

How Amanda improved her CPAP adjustment with dayzz

To many people struggling with sleep issues, Amanda’s story may sound familiar. Her journey began long ago and led her to the discovery of her Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). For over six years, Amanda was waking up in the morning after a full night’s sleep, feeling exhausted and moody, and suffering from headaches and a dry mouth. It was causing daily conflicts with her partner who complained of her loud snoring, and at work where she felt it was excruciating to get through the day. Apparently, her body was running a nightly marathon that she was completely unaware of until her company began offering the dayzz app to its employees.

“My nights are very different now, it’s taken a lot of work but I am excited about my progress”

As soon as she joined dayzz and answered the clinically validated sleep assessment, the app suggested she get a sleep study and connected her with a virtual sleep expert at a certified nationwide online sleep clinic that partners with dayzz. Amanda received her at-home sleep test delivered right to her front door. She soon discovered that she had Obstructive Sleep Apnea, a sleep disorder prompted by many short breathing pauses during the night, which cause the body to experience lower oxygen levels and multiple brief awakenings despite the sleeper remaining asleep. It was recommended she start using a CPAP device to assist with her breathing at night, and to continue with the dayzz app to support her during the CPAP adjustment and maintenance phases.

“This morning when I woke up, the skin around my nose was red and irritated, I’m not sure what the problem is”

Adjusting to a CPAP device is challenging for many people, which can quickly dampen motivation. Dayzz accompanies the process through sleep education, sleep and CPAP usage tracking, and personalized sleep treatment plans. For Amanda, the first few weeks were tough. She couldn’t keep her CPAP mask on for long and she was experiencing facial discomfort and light nose bleeds. She reached out to her dayzz sleep trainer through the app’s chat, where she learned that a wrong size mask can irritate the skin and cause pain, and that she may require a new mask that fits her more adequately. Her trainer recommended she contact her DME, which she did; she then got a replacement mask with a much better fit. In the following nights, her sleep trackers reported higher quality sleep and extended CPAP mask periods (increased from 4 to 8 hours a night). A significant milestone for her was when her partner expressed fewer night time disturbances. Within two weeks, she started reporting feeling more alert and in a better mood. Through the dayzz app, she realized that her sleep efficiency (the percentage of time she spent asleep at night out of her total time in bed) had increased from an initial 78% to an impressive 94%.

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