How to improve sleep | The perfect sleep environment

How to improve sleep | The perfect sleep environment

There’s nothing like the feeling of moving into a new home or re-decorating. You take time over choosing the perfect furniture, the color of the sofa and the right bathroom tiles. But when taking time to design the bedroom – it’s crucial to put extra thought into the way you set up your sleep space, rather than choosing the right colors or a unique design. How to improve sleep? Start with setting up the right sleep space.

How to sleep better? Re-invent the perception of your bedroom

There’s no point in denying; at some point in our lives, we’ve all used our bedroom for more than just sleep and intimacy. Whether it’s watching TV or working in bed, the first step towards setting the perfect sleep environment is re-defining the purpose of the bedroom. Make sure to treat it as a recovery space which is free of stimuli, rather than a continuation of your living space. A few simple steps can help you optimize your bedroom and turn it into the ultimate recovery room.

Remove screens and other distractions

Leave only items which are necessary for rest and relaxation. It might sound challenging if you’re used to lying in bed and bing watching your favorite show through the small hours of the night, but it is crucial to leave your TV outside the bedroom, as the blue light coming from LED screens can limit our bodies’ production of Melatonin and as a result alter our natural sleep\wake circadian rhythm which might mess with our sleep.
Using the bedroom for activities other than sleep might lead to our brains associating it with other things rather than what’s really important; if you’re used to work in the bedroom or using it to do your daily workout for example, it might be associated with anxiety, adrenaline or stress while going to bed. Asking yourself 'why can't I sleep'? Start with making sure you associate your bedroom with sleep by removing all potential distractions which do not promote a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Keep it down

Noise during sleep can obviously cause us to waking up, making us move, shift between stages of sleep or experience a change in heart rate and blood pressure. As minimizing noise is crucial for a good night’s sleep, some find it highly effective to use monotone noises, such as white or pink noises which can mask unpredictable sounds. A white noise machine is recommended if you live in an area where you can’t control outsource noise coming from your neighbors, roommates or a road nearby. Another great option for blocking out random noise (in summertime) is using a fan. Make sure to place your smartphone outside the bedroom, or turn off notifications during sleep hours to reduce disruptions during sleep to minimum.

Maintain total darkness

Light is super important for preparing our bodies for sleep. As nighttime approaches, lack of light results in rising levels of Melatonin and decreased body temperatures, which in turn makes us feel less alert and more likely to welcome sleep. Exposure to unnatural light sources in the bedroom can delay our bodies’ transition to sleep and sleep itself. Make sure there are no open light sources when going to sleep, and consider installing blackout curtains so the sun won’t wake you up earlier than planned.

Keep the temperature low

Lower temperatures trigger the body to release more Melatonin and making it much easier to fall asleep and maintain quality sleep. Set your bedroom temperature to an ideal 60F-74F and sleep with an extra blanket if needed.

Always keep in mind that the most important thing about your sleep environment is that it should make you feel peaceful, calm and relaxed; if you've questioned yourself "do I have a sleep disorder?" start by following these tips and see. Dayzz sleep app constantly guides you on how to sleep better by providing tools, tips and constant support to optimize your sleep environment and sleep training efforts, and making the best out of your bedroom towards more restful nights. Start by getting a quick sleep assessment!

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