How to sleep better | The health-fitness-sleep triangle

How to sleep better | The health-fitness-sleep triangle

Let us begin by stating the obvious: diet and exercise are bound together in achieving a healthy lifestyle, as every successful fitness regime has an important nutritional element; going to the gym but eating whatever comes in hand? probably a waste of time. But diet and exercise aren’t alone in this equation. Sleep has a crucial role in achieving your health and fitness goals. How to improve sleep? Begin with getting familiar with the health-fitness-sleep connection.

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It’s all about chemistry

Sleep is the cornerstone of health. It gives us energy to perform everyday activities, affects our physical health, the functioning of our brain, our performance throughout the day and even our mental wellness. But what exactly is it that affects our sleep? well, that’s a long list, but we’ll focus on its’ most common components.
Studies have found that diet has a direct effect on quality of sleep, and that a deficient diet can lead to disruption of sleep. As part of our bodies’ preparation to shift to ‘night mode’, they’re secreting increased levels of hormones which are vital for our sleep. That’s why it’s important to add your diet Magnesium and B vitamins rich foods such as fish, meat, greens and seeds, which help boost the production of these hormones even more, and prevent sleep disorders that might be caused by inefficient diets.
Additionally, it’s best to avoid having a high-fat meal before bedtime, as indigestion and stomach discomfort can lead to sleep disruptions.

Physical activity for more restful nights

If you’re asking yourself how to fall asleep fast, exercising might be the answer. We hear about the benefits of physical activity everywhere, on a daily basis. It boosts energy, combats health conditions and what not. But what if we told you exercise also improves your sleep? This is backed by a major study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) which found a strong correlation between regular exercise routine and a good night’s sleep: 60% of the adults who maintained a regular exercise routine reported better sleep quality, and tended to develop fewer sleep disorders. Non-exercisers reported they experienced poor sleep, with 44% of them showing a moderate risk for sleep apnea, compared to only 19% of those who maintained a regular exercise routine.

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So what is it about exercising that helps promote a good night’s sleep? first, physical activity is known to play a role in reducing stress, which can be a major factor in triggering several sleep issues, including insomnia. Exercising on a regular basis can help reset our sleep-wake cycle by raising our body temperature and then letting it drop, which promotes sleepiness a couple of hours later. If you’re exercising outdoors that’s even better, as you’re absorbing natural sunlight to help control your circadian clock.

Lifestyle changes are made step-by-step

Changing your lifestyle is not an easy task, especially if it requires dramatic improvement. We know there’s nothing more challenging than getting used to a more balanced diet, or returning home after a long day at work and go to the gym. We at Dayzz recommend to take it step by step: take the stairs; park your car further away; order the vitamin rich meal; play sports; dance; do whatever exercise you find fun and fulfilling, and do it with a friend. Rewarding isn’t it? a few simple steps for quality sleep and good dreams. It’s worth it.

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