Unable to sleep? Keep a record of your sleep patterns

Unable to sleep? Keep a record of your sleep patterns

If you treat your sleep with the precision of a Swiss watch, but still feel exhausted in the morning, or if you sleep like a log and still wake up for no reason before your alarm goes off, there’s a good chance you have a sleep disorder. Unlike some other health conditions, ongoing sleep difficulties require thorough research and analysis to figure out the source of the problem. What to do? Let’s be honest, you probably don’t have any energy for research, especially while being sleep deprived. Luckily, there’s a simple solution that can significantly help improve your sleep, and the best news is – you can also use it from your smartphone! If you’re constantly unable to sleep, you should know that keeping a sleep diary is an excellent (and some would say surprising) way to document your sleep patterns and habits towards improving your sleep.

How to improve sleep? Keep a sleep diary

A sleep diary usually includes information about your sleep and other behaviors that are likely to impact your sleep, and can therefore be targeted as part of your plan to help better your sleep. When we can’t sleep, or wake up feeling drowsy and unrefreshed, we sometimes tend to forget our sleep experience during the night. Make sure to keep a record of when you went to bed, how much time it took you to fall asleep, the number of times you woke up during the night, when you woke up and actually got out of bed, the number of caffeinated and/or alcoholic beverages you had throughout the day, and most importantly - the quality of your sleep.

How can keeping a sleep diary help?

People tend to form biases regarding many things, including the way they perceive their sleep. These biases occur due to a number of reasons, for example because certain occurrences happened more recently or because they were especially memorable by nature. Because your sleep diary reflects real life, you’ll be able to see the connection between your behavior and your sleep, and how one affects the other. For example, you may enjoy a nap from time to time, or go to bed later than usual, without realizing that it has a strong impact on your ability to maintain quality sleep. The sleep data you’ll collect will allow you to assess the changes that have been obtained during the process of training towards better sleep.

How and when to fill your sleep diary?

Try filling out your sleep diary first thing in the morning, as your sleep experience is still fresh in your mind and easy to retrieve, and as it can help tracking sleep become a habit – making it something you are less likely to forget to do. If you’re unsure about certain details regarding your sleep experience – that’s ok. Write down your best guess, even if it’s not entirely accurate. If you forget to fill your sleep diary, do it to the best of your ability at the first chance you get. Don’t be tempted to “start or do better tomorrow”!

Technology has just reached the world of sleep

If you’re not a paper and pen type person, you’ll be happy to hear that technology has also reached the world of sleep; there are a variety of electronic devices and apps to help you record your sleep. As we came to realize that tracking sleep is the first step towards improving sleep, dayzz sleep app provides you with a personalized sleep training plan which includes your very own digital sleep diary, to help you monitor your sleep patterns and habits. Also, dayzz is designed for use with the Fitbit® platform, so your sleep data can be automatically synced with the app! Based on this data, you’ll get a customized sleep training plan to kick-off your sleep improvement process.

Asking yourself how to sleep better? It all starts with tracking your sleep. Join us in our quest to improve your sleep towards more restful nights. Start with getting a quick, personal sleep assessment!

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