Technology to the rescue | Using a sleep app for more restful nights

Technology to the rescue | Using a sleep app for more restful nights

Have you ever wondered what happens while you sleep? Whether you’re getting a full night of quality sleep or a decent dose of rest every night? The popular trend of self-monitoring is now dominating the world of sleep. Just like tracking vital signs in sports, today’s technology include many sleep apps and devices that will help you discover everything you need to know about those mysterious sleep hours – without you even having to get out of bed!

Going to a sleep lab

In the past, the only way to assess your sleep quality and determine what’s keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep, was to go to a sleep lab – a dedicated laboratory where data can be recorded. Using electrodes connected to your head while you sleep, your brain waves are monitored to help determine what sleep phase you’re in, and monitor eye movements to provide an accurate indication of when you enter the REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement) of sleep. In addition, the sleep lab also examines your heart rate, muscle tension in your face, oxygen levels in your blood and your breathing rate.

Although the sleep lab analyzes a variety of data – very precisely – at the end of the day, the fact that it’s an artificial situation may affect your sleep, resulting in less reliable data. This is what brings us to home sleep monitoring, a reliable substitute for those interested in learning about their sleep patterns and trends.

Digital sleep monitoring

There are several easy-to-use devices that allow you to monitor your sleep in the comfort of your own home, and many of them don’t even need to be on you during the night. These new gadgets can be placed under your mattress or next to your bed, or sometimes they’re worn on your arm, chest or head. All you need to do is connect them, and you’ll receive data directly to the app on your smartphone. Home monitoring lets you measure your sleep over time, so it helps you identify your personal sleep patterns. Tracking your sleep can also be done part digitally, by manually filling your sleep experience and data in your personal, in-app sleep diary. We often tend to forget how we slept a few nights ago, or when exactly we went into bed and got up the next morning. Using a sleep app to document our sleep patterns is an excellent way to track our sleep and get valuable insights that can be translated into actions that will hopefully improve our nights.

Using a sleep app

Though some might take sleep for granted, you’ll be surprised to learn how much there’s to know when it comes to improving your sleep. Asking yourself how to sleep better? Using a sleep app is the perfect way to get to know your sleep vulnerabilities and stick to a plan that slowly, but surly, helps you make meaningful progress. Dayzz sleep app provides you with a customized sleep plan that consists of 4 main training domains: Days – where you get constant guidance to help you adopt daytime habits which are conducive to sleep, like controlling your caffeine consumption or getting used to CPAP. Nights – where you get a new, personalized sleep schedule which includes a regular bedtime routine, as well as tips to help you improve your breathing during sleep. Environment - optimizing your sleep space in terms of light, noise and temperature, making your bedroom the ideal place for sleep. Mind - practicing relaxation exercises to help you enter a state of mind that will encourage better sleep, such as guided meditations for sleep, as well as progressive muscle relaxation.

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