The Magic of Contactless Sleep Tracking Technology

The Magic of Contactless Sleep Tracking Technology

Dayzz brings to you the newest in sleep tracking technology, offering a simple and effortless way to track your sleep, directly from your smartphone. No need for any bedside gadgets or wearable devices. By following your breathing and body movements, the ResMed powered sonar sleep tracker uses big data and smart algorithms to detect the different stages of sleep and wake time you experience during the night. This data is streamed automatically into your sleep logs on the dayzz app, providing you a clear view of your sleep ability.

How does sonar technology track my sleep? Sonar technology is able to determine both your sleep quantity and quality. Through the use of echo-location, it sends silent signals that reflect sound waves back to your smartphone’s speakers and microphones. Machine learning algorithms then translate the data into different sleep depths and detect the amount of time you are awake, showing you the results in the morning. All audio gets deleted after each session and no sound is stored. It is simply used as a way to sense your breathing and body movements in a contactless way. 

How accurate is sonar sleep tracking?  Various studies have shown sonar technology to be more accurate than most commercial sleep tracking methods. If you are feeling uncertain about trying a new tracking method, you are always welcome to review your sleep logs in the morning, double check if everything makes sense, and manually edit any data in the app that you believe may differ from your sleep.

How do I use it? You will find the easy to follow instructions right in the dayzz app as soon as you open the sonar feature.

There are five simple steps to set up the sonar tracking at bedtime: 

  1. Plug your phone into its charger before you start tracking. 
  2. Place your phone on a bedside table no more than arm's length away from you. 
  3. Place the phone above the mattress level, approximately 6 in. (10 cm) is ideal.
  4. Point the phone speakers, which are located at the base of your phone, towards you. Make sure there are no objects on the table blocking your phone’s speakers.
  5. Don’t forget to turn on the sonar tracking feature once you are ready to go to sleep 

Upon waking in the morning, make sure to turn off the sonar and see your sleep data magically appear in the app. 

Is this a safe way to track my sleep? Yes, the sonar sound waves are considered as safe as the many other sound waves we come into contact with in our daily lives, such as speaking, a ringing telephone, or a honking car horn. There is no health risk since the sound frequencies travel through air and the energy levels required are minimal for adult human hearing.

Can anything alter my use of sonar technology? There are a few things to be aware of when using the sonar feature for tracking your sleep. To get the best results, your phone position must be accurate and other loud sounds should be minimized (for example noise coming from fans, music, TV, etc). Any use of the speakers or microphone (such as listening to music through your phone, playing white noise, taking a phone call) will also interfere with the tracking function. Using your phone during the night will cause the sonar feature to pause. Should you use your phone during the night, make sure to turn the sonar back on before going back to sleep. If your partner is using this sonar feature at the same time on their phone, it could cause disturbances - make sure to double check your sleep data in the app when you wake up. It’s also a great opportunity to check on your partner’s sleep and share your sleep experiences! 

Why do I need to track my sleep? Tracking your sleep is a fundamental part of understanding your sleep ability and difficulties. That’s why we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you! Dayzz uses your data to create and update your personalized sleep training plan by targeting your specific needs and making adjustments as you progress with your sleep. 

Sonar sleep tracking is now available for premium dayzz users. Let us take care of tracking your sleep so you can focus on improving it!  For any additional information or assistance, reach out to your personal sleep coach.

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